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I'm a third-year Computer Science and Mathematics student at Northeastern University interested in programming languages and developer tooling.

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About Me

I grew up in Singapore prior to coming to the U.S. to attend Northeastern University in Boston as a Computer Science and Maths major.

In computer science and software engineering, I'm interested primarily in programming languages and developer tools. I focus more on the toolchain, and how I can improve developer productivity and velocity. I'm also interested in creating reliable and scalable backend services, the systematic design and development of software, and pedagogical tools and programming languages for beginners.

I have professional experience working at TensorDock, Amazon, and Cigna as a software engineer intern. I also frequently work on side projects, and occasionally blog.

I am a returning (2x) teaching assistant for Northeastern's CS 4400 Programming Languages class, taught by Eli Barzilay. It uses a variant of Typed Racket. I regularly host office hours, answer Piazza questions, and grade homework.

My favourite programming language is Racket. I like the flexibility, expressiveness, and robustness that come with S-expressions and a nice macro system. This website itself was built with Racket, specifically the Pollen #lang.

I'm an avid Emacs and Linux user -- I often spend time procrastinating on assignments by hacking my system. You can find my overall system configuration here.

I enjoy algorithmic and mathematical puzzles. You can find some interesting ones I've collected here.

I like to work on various fun projects with my friends at plam -- Leo, Edward, and Vir.

My hobbies include badminton, ping pong, and piano. I enjoy classical music, New Jeans, and Fifty Fifty. I like bubble tea (specifically brown sugar), ramen, sushi/sashimi, and spicy things. I've gone hiking around Washington while working in Seattle, conquering Mount Rainier (up to Camp Muir), Poo Poo Point, somewhere in Olympic National Park, and Rattlesnake Ledge.

If you are interested in connecting with me, feel free to shoot me an email.