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I'm a third-year Computer Science and Mathematics student at Northeastern University interested in programming languages and developer tooling.

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A web extension that provides perspective on controversial topics -- OpenHacks 2020 Honorable Mention


I participated in OpenHacks 2020, a virtual MLH hackathon with Leo Lee, Edward Wibowo, and Vir Chaudhury. The culmination of this 24 hour hackathon was a web extension (paired with various backend services) that helps battle against extreme ideological rifts between groups of people. We earned an honorable mention after the hackathon.

We coined our extension Viewfinder, and listed the following features:

  • Highlights words or phrases that are controversial
  • Offers a verdict to discern how supportive or opposing a text is towards a topic
  • Links additional resources to highlighted controversial issues
  • Supplies a convenient room-based online chat platform based on the highlighted issue

With the above features, people using our extension would theoretically have a lower tendency of joining echo chambers.