An image of Lucas Lucas Sta Maria

I'm a third-year Computer Science and Mathematics student at Northeastern University interested in programming languages and developer tooling.

(λx.x x) (λx.x x)

My Interests

Functional and multi-paradigm programming. Programming languages and compilers. Reliable and scalable backend systems. Developer tools that improve development velocity. The Racket programming language.

What I'm up to

  • Engineering cool things with @plam
  • Interning with @TensorDock
  • Organizing my Racket codebase for my software development class
  • Taking beautifully typeset LaTeX notes for my theory of computation class
  • TA'ing again for Programming Languages
  • Practicing random Chopin pieces on the piano
  • Learning to play the otamatone
  • Configuring my heavy Emacs and Linux workflow

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