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I'm a third-year Computer Science and Mathematics student at Northeastern University interested in programming languages and developer tooling.

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Incentivizing Nonprofit donations -- Stanford's TreeHacks 2023




GiveBack is a webapp that gamifies and incentivizes donations to nonprofits, aiming to streamline the process of donations. It displays a leaderboard of top donors/philanthropists using the site, shows (and allows filtering of) a list of nonprofits, and contains a feature that matches users to a nonprofit based on what they’re looking for.

This project was built for Stanford’s TreeHacks 2023 in Palo Alto, California (thanks for sponsoring my flight). I took part in this hackathon with Ben and Stephen. Here are the relevant links:

I was involved in writing both the frontend and backend. The frontend was in React and Chakra UI, where I developed the leaderboard, donation process, authentication process, and match UI. The backend was in Python and FastAPI, where I implemented all logic for authentication, donations, users, and leaderboards. I further used natural language processing to match users to nonprofits based on a paragraph they typed that computed the similarity of their text of what they were looking for with the descriptions of nonprofits. This enabled users to match with nonprofits whose mission and values they aligned with.